Moody's Namena Fiji Resort
Moody's Namena Fiji Resort
Guest Comments

Dan and Sharon - Christmas 2006 "There are many things that makes Moody's Namena what it is... The feat of engineering to create it
The organization to keep it going
The unspoilt natural beauty
The great diving - and much more.
But most of all, it is all the charming people that make it the very special, extraordinary place that it is".
David C. U.K. November 2005

"Thank you very much for one of the most enjoyable holiday experiences ever! Everything we read and heard was true ... it truly is one of the "1000 Places to See Before You Die"! What vision you had in choosing this "empty island" and turning it into paradise. Thanks for the fantastic meals, the superb diving, the sheer relaxation, the fascinating meal time stories and for the beautiful and friendly staff. We look forward to returning soon".
Warmest regards, David & Jose-Luis USA November 2006

"My underwater dream come true. Whenever I close my eyes, I will see the vibrant colors of orange and purple against a turquoise sea, and feel the rhythm of the current swaying back and forth. Thank you so much Tom, Joan, Lil, John, Nigel, Bola and everyone else who made my dive experience so amazing.
Christine, Canada Nov. 2006

"From the geckos on the wall, to the magnificent palms that stand so tall,
From the helpful & friendly staff with their ever present smile,
to all those who daily go the extra mile ...
From nature all around us and a booby in every tree,
To the incomparable diving in all the surrounding sea ...
It all adds up to a dream vacation come true,
and now no island but Moody's will do!"
Ben & Laurie, Carmel Valley, California November 2006

"There are no words to describe how we feel about this paradise. We have enjoyed the wonderful things that the islands have to offer: the beach, the ocean and (clean) air. The Moodys and the staff has made us feel as part of their family. We have enjoyed the interesting stories at dinner and took away not only a vacation but also a lesson in history and geography. Thank you for all that you have done to make our honeymoon magical".
Irina & Gennadiy (originally Ukraine - now Brooklyn, NY November 2006

"A wonderful time altogether ... great diving, beautiful lodgings and a fine birthday celebration. The staff were so friendly & helpful! Thank you for sharing your perfect, magical island with us. We will return and love knowing you are here for us. Letty & Ned USA Oct/Nov 2006 P.S. Thanks to Ned for the new copy of Tom Neale's "An Island to Oneself" for our island library,"
Tom & Joan

"What an absolutely incredible place. We began our honeymoon on Namena Island and could not be happier with the setting where our marriage started. Tom, Joan, Lil and the rest of the island staff are wildly entertaining and lovely people. The snorkeling and swimming were fabulous and the hiking was great fun. All in all a very special place with very special people. Scott + Thank you so much for being such a blissful start to our honeymoon. Thank you for: the wonderful views, the warm welcomes, the tasty food, the (exhausting) kayaking, the pristine coral for snorkeling, the great dinner conversations and most of all the relaxation".
Sarah October 2006

"Thanks to everyone at Moody's Namena for a wonderful stay. It was a fantastic place to escape for a honeymoon! And thanks so much for a memorable birthday celebration. The cake and the singing were heavenly. We have truly appreciated the good care of the staff - John, Maria, Nigel, Jona, Bola, VJ and all the rest have been superb".
Kristen & James October 2006

"Dan & I had a wonderful time. Moody's Namena is such a special place. We are so glad you are protecting it. Birds, (fruit)bats, geckos, the marine life ... We were in heaven! The staff are so welcoming and kind. You have created such a warm and inclusive place, we felt we were part of the Moody's Namena family. We hope to return some day".
Sue & Dan USA October 2006

"Our second stay at Moody's has been very enjoyable. The staff is great and food very good. We plan to come back again but not in October. Hopefully better weather next time! Vinaka, Jan + This is the best place on this planet! I will be back - but NOT in October".
Steve October 2006

"What a nice way to escape from the real world. Walt was almost ready to give up his electronics - at least he was down to 2 hours a day. Maybe next time he will be able to give up the electronics completely. Every staff member is so helpful and nice. ////Excellent stay. And the weather was just great (contrary to what everyone else wants!!) Remember "springtide" with the Kava".
Walt & Lisa California USA

Moodys response: The weather in October 2006 was the worst we have experienced living on the island since 1984; this kind of windy, rough seas weather patterns were experienced during our 'winter' months of July & August in the past 22 years; and now Fiji is in drought conditions and our weatherman says that the weather patterns are changing drastically as has been experienced around the world. I apologize to any and all guests who came here at the time we have always loved for calm seas, sunny skies and gentle tradewinds.
Joan & Tom Moody

Dan and Sharon - Christmas 2006 "Hi Joan, we have missed all of you so much since we came home. All we have done is tell everyone how fabulous our trip was. We had the best time of our lives!!! We were going to come back next christmas, but we decided that it is too long to wait. So we want to come back for Sharon's birthday,at the end of September. Can't tell you enough how much we miss you all. The staff are AMAZING and we hope they are all still there when we return next time. I have started collecting interesting australian newspaper articles so we can be Tom's new Australian Clipping Service, I'm sure he'll appreciate it. Thanks again for the memories and we'll chat soon. Take care of yourselves out there and love to everyone".
Dan and Sharon. Christmas 2006

"What a way to end our honeymoon! Thank you for making the last 5 nights amazing. Joan & Tom, your many years of hard work have made this island a place people will want to return to time and time again. We will remember everything about this place - the island, the people, the staff and the amazing things we saw snorkeling. We will definitely return one day with our diver's certification so we can experience the diving here".
Vinaka for everything, Darren & Kate - London, England August 2006

"We are so happy that we decided to spend our honeymoon here on Namena. Everyone here treated as so well and if your cook goes missing you might find him in Quincy, MA!! The food was so good. Thank you for sharing the beauty of this island with us. We shall return".
Joe & Nitasha - Quincy, MA September 2006

"What a vacation! If we live a million years and go to a million places, the only way to experience anything close is to come back. Thank you for sharing your beautiful island home, for sharing your life stories and for enriching ours".
Bula & vinaka, Jay & Goranka - San Jose USA November 2005

"We had such a fantastic time on this beautiful little island; completely gorgeous sites, excellent diving, warm and wonderful staff and great stories from the hosts! Thank you for the grog parties and music. We'll send our friends and hope to return someday ourselves".
Wendy & Jamie USA November 2005

"The most perfect place I could imagine for us to spend our honeymoon. Fantastic food, amazing and deserted beaches, a champagne picnic and the everlasting hospitality and amazing stories. We couldn't have had a better home than we did. Thank you both and your lovely staff so much. Happy Anniversary Joan & Tom for 21st October - 44 years and one day before our wedding on 22 October 2005. We will remember this week forever. Just as a honeymoon should be ... PERFECT".
Gilly & Ali 2005

"Vinaka Moodys! Your staff are the best in Fiji. Our stay was the highlight of our trip, and we'll certainly recommend you highly. Please look after your (fruit)bats - we want to see them when we return. Cheers to your eco-friendly resort - the future of tourism follows you. I still say Tom needs to write a book, but if he never does - we'll remember you and your extraordinary life always".
Fondly, Dan & Carrie USA June 2005

"We had such a wonderful time during our stay, despite the 30 knot winds! Victor is a good divemaster and made our dives memorable. Every member of the staff is friendly & gracious - everyone made us feel welcome, even when we missed volleyball shots. The food has all been wonderful. The peace of this place is unmatchable - you have such a truly unique, amazing, beautiful place! Thanks for making our stay so wonderful. What a great honeymoon! We'll definitely be back".
John & Janet , Golden CO July 2005
Beautiful Beach at Namena - photo by Peter and Verna
"Hi Joan and Tom, Just to let you know that we will always see your island as the only place on earth where paradise truly exists. This picture is the desktop of our world, a place of tranquility where we escape to whenever we can. Trust you two are living life as it should be".
Ever, Peter and Verna 2005

"We had a fabulous time at Namena- and you win the contest; the reefs are more pristine and fish filled (pelagic especially) than those in the Somosomo straight. I would bet that Namena marine preserve is one of the most spectacular reef systems in the world today! I only wish my camera " strobe had performed better- I did get a few good shots (like this one of the oriental sweet-lips) but, I'm sending it back nonetheless. Being at Moody's certainly was a wonderful escape into nature's finest marine and avian habitats; we feel privileged to have had the whole island to ourselves.We enjoyed bure number 6 with its fabulous moon rises through our doors and being right above the gently lapping sea. The food was very good and John, the kitchen crew and Victor, Bolo and the dive crew were all helpful and friendly. We hope their Christmas holiday was a little brighter with some money from our tip to buy a few gifts for their families. I showed some of my photos to our friends and we may have some others interested in coming back with us- hopefully next year. Our best wishes for a happy holiday season".
Jane & Rick Hawaii

"Wow, what a great stay we had at Namena! That is quite a place you have - we were so impressed with what you have done and how you run everything. The weather was a bit windier than we had anticipated but then we really had no idea what a winter would be like in your area and just took our chances as we were locked into our previous weeks of Tonga cruising with our sailing friends. But as you mentioned, the reason people sail at this time of year is because of the wind! Besides, I probably would not have found such a great chambered nautilus if it hadn't been for the wind, right? By the way that shell made it back just fine in the Crisco can that John (of you kitchen) gave to me. Please tell him I appreciate his helping me and that it was a success. Also I did identify 83 species of fish while snorkeling during my Namena week and 16 species of those were butterfly fish. How many species of butterflyfish has Nigel seen at Namena, do you know? It was fun talking to him because he knows the fish pretty well. I've found that there are many more birders than there are fish identifiers so it is always nice to find someone else who appreciates the fish! Thanks again for everything. We will be sure to tell everyone we know about you 2 and your resort".
Sincerely, Heidi Hahn and John Boaz

"Hi Joan and Tom. LeShel and I would like to thank you for the fantastic time we had at your home! We could not have chosen a better place for our honeymoon. We are so thankful and pleased with our experience. You have given us a lifetime of wonderful memories! The entire island staff was so kind, thoughtful and helpful to us! We are so appreciative. We arrived home at 0200 eastern standard time which is 1800 Fiji time. We are 16 hours behind Fiji. Our trip home was long but safe. We will miss all of you. I will write again. I just wanted to notify you of our safe arrival. We have already begin talking to our family about planning a trip to Namena. Please tell the staff hello for LeShel and I. Thank you for a peaceful, relaxing, beautiful honeymoon".
Eric and LeShel Taylor

"Joan, Liz and I wanted to send a belated thank you for provding such an incredible, unique experience on Namena. We have told everyone back here that it was more than we could have hoped for in every way. Pure relaxation and incredible scenery/wildlife. And the people at Moody's made everything that much better. Liz's only complaint was that she couldn't fit into her favorite pair of jeans after we got back thanks to the great fresh bread at every meal! Please pass along our thanks to Tom and the staff ('friends') as well. We hope to make it there again in the next few years; sooner if I win the lottery as planned.Thank You."
Adam Draper & Liz Arjun

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